“Karine has helped me to boldly turn to the next chapter of my life armed with the right tools. I’ve been experiencing perimenopausal symptoms and trying to figure out ways to live my best self for a while now and struggling to understand it all. Karine’s expert knowledge and training helped to dispel myths, offer … Read More

“Karine was brilliant! So helpful, knowledgeable and incredibly patient with my busy schedule. She helped me connect the dots with my symptoms and essentially supported me in finally getting a diagnosis for Endometriosis, guiding me in the right direction and even writing letters to my GP – which made them take me seriously (finally)! Karine … Read More

“After 3+ months of our nutrition therapy sessions, Karine’s guidance helped me with gaining more balance with my digestive issues and menstrual cycle, giving me back days without major pain in each month, thank you so much Karine. I am grateful for Karine’s integrative approach and openness to connecting with other health professionals which has … Read More