Genetic Testing

Empower yourself to make better choices through a deeper understanding of your genetic makeup

Using genetic testing is a unique opportunity for you and I to understand your genetic make-up. It helps me further personalise your dietary recommendations to optimise your health status. You’ll only be informed about ‘modifiable’ genetic variants that are currently affecting your health or might do so in the future -  enabling you to empower yourself using the preventative measures of diet and lifestyle to minimise the risk of disease.

My clinical experience quickly made me realise that people respond differently to similar dietary protocols and that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to food.

I have done further training in the field of nutrigenomics, which is the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes. In other words, it is the science that allows us to understand why we respond differently to the same foods, beverages and supplements, based on our genetics. I have completed the professional nutrigenomics course with Dietitians of Canada, and trained with Lifecode Gx in the UK.

Genetic Testing in the UK

The genetic testing companies I use meet the highest social, ethical, legal, and practical standards, and only work with registered healthcare practitioners.

About Nutrigenomix

I am authorised to work with Nutrigenomix, a University of Toronto biotechnology company that provides clients with groundbreaking genetic testing. Their 70 gene tests provide DNA-based dietary recommendations related to weight management and body composition, nutrient metabolism, food intolerances and cardiometabolic health. The tests also provide information on genes that influence eating habits, injury risks and responses to physical activity.

Nutrigenomix pride themselves on their state-of-the-art and rigorous processes, which are developed by world-renowned researchers. They include:

Comprehensive genetic testing consisting of 70 genetic markers.
Genetic tests based on the most robust scientific evidence
DNA analysed using a simple saliva or cheek swab sample
Personalised recommendations developed based on your unique genetic profile

Genetic Test options

Health and wellness (70-gene Health test)

This genetic test is designed for people who would like to optimise their diet and lifestyle based on their unique genetic make-up.

Plant based (70-gene Health test)

This genetic test is designed to suit the specific dietary needs of both vegetarians and vegans, ensuring that you’ll get the best nutritional advice tailored to your unique genetic profile.

Fertility (70-gene Health test)

If you’re trying to conceive, it can be a very stressful time. Research shows that the nutritional status of both women and men can have a significant impact on fertility, so this genetic test is specifically designed for couples who want to ensure they are in an optimum state of good health when trying for a baby.

70-gene Health test + Hormone Metabolism
& Methylation panel add-on

The most comprehensive option. You choose one of the three 70-gene Health tests mentioned above, and for an additional £30, the panel also analyzes genes encoding enzymes involved in:

-the production of androgens and oestrogens
-oestrogen metabolism and elimination
-DNA methylation.

Methylation is a key process that influences so many things, including:

-our stress response
-energy production
-brain chemistry
-immune response
-antioxidant production
-cell repair
-genetic expression.

How it works

I order the kit for you (buccal swab kit)
You complete the swab test at home (instructions provided – it's a straightforward process)
You return the sample using the prepaid envelope
Your report is usually ready within two weeks from the time the lab receives the sample

All genetic test services include

- The genetic test kit, shipping and lab fees
- My consulting fee to review the genetic test report, the completed health questionnaire, and the food diary

- A 75-90 minute consultation to discuss findings and recommendations
- The Nutrigenomix genetic test report
- A summary report with key points and recommendations (sent after the consultation)

Client Testimonial 

“Karine organised for me to have the Nutrigenomix genetic testing, which isn’t intimidating at all as it will only reveal genetic markers that are modifiable through diet, supplements and exercise. I took a cheek swab for saliva and posted it. The report that came back a couple of weeks later was very eye-opening, giving me concrete answers regarding some problems that I’ve been experiencing for a number of years – and with Karine’s additional support and interpretation of the report, I now know exactly what I have to work on. I have some concrete plans in place to improve my health, and having this knowledge will enable me to help other family members who might also have the same genetic markers and suffer similar symptoms. It has really opened my eyes to what’s going on underneath the surface.” A. R, London


70-gene Health test: £345
70-gene Health test + Hormone Metabolism & Methylation panel add-on: £375
A sample report is available upon request.

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