“I found working with Karine very empowering on so many levels, I feel I developed a better understanding of my health & wellbeing alongside deeper connection with my body overall. Karine opened up to me a fascinating world of nutrition and gut health and I am forever grateful - I admire her professional, caring, pragmatic and evidence-based approach.
After 3+ months of our nutrition therapy sessions, Karine’s guidance helped me with gaining more balance with my digestive issues and menstrual cycle, giving me back days without major pain in each month, thank you so much Karine. I am grateful for Karine’s integrative approach and openness to connecting with other health professionals which has been priceless on my journey so far and in discovering the real issues behind some of my symptoms. I couldn’t recommend enough Karine as a nutritionist & healthy lifestyle coach.” M. T, London

"Karine provided exceptional support with helping me to improve my nutritional health. After 3 months of working with Karine using a range of tools such as meal plans, supplement recommendations and health optimisation plans, my energy levels have dramatically increased, I have more understanding of types of food and supplements my body benefits from to function optimally and I’m able to bring more awareness of little habits I can practice daily that will greatly enhance my health and lifestyle.
Karine provides pragmatic, expert guidance and insight in a sincerely caring, generous and encouraging way. Her approach allowed me to make small, impactful tweaks to my nutrition at a time, which over a few months, had a transformative impact. Karine offers a high quality, carefully tailored service - really taking the time to get to you know you. I have and will recommend her to everyone looking to improve their nutritional health!" V.S, London

"Karine is very knowledgeable and caring. The advice I was given has worked very well for me and all the little tweaks to my diet she suggested have made a massive difference. Although her focus is on nutrition, she believes in a holistic approach and so was also able to suggest other ways to further improve my wellbeing as well as recommend relevant practitioners. I found it all very useful and would definitely recommend her services to anyone. Thank you!" M. B, London

"Karine has been wonderful to work with. I came to her with thyroid and other gut health concerns and she helped me enact a supplement plan and changes to my diet without making me feel like I had to totally overhaul my life. No cleanses or detoxes to get started! She’s great at working with your lifestyle and dietary preferences and within your budget. I felt fully supported throughout our time together and now I’m armed with the knowledge I need to be able to continue to support my gut and hormone health." J. S, London

"Karine was brilliant! So helpful, knowledgeable and incredibly patient with my busy schedule. She helped me connect the dots with my symptoms and essentially supported me in finally getting a diagnosis for Endometriosis, guiding me in the right direction and even writing letters to my GP - which made them take me seriously (finally)! Karine was great and so informative, I have already recommended her to friends." B. M, London

"Working with Karine over the last few months has gone way beyond my expectations. She is very informative and thorough in her approach and has equipped me with the knowledge to feel confident working with my own nutritional needs. In particular, I found her hormonal expertise very enlightening and a great support, especially when I have found it hard to find the right information elsewhere. Karine is easy to talk to and really takes the time to understand your individual needs, giving detailed advice that is easy to follow. She provides an excellent service and I would recommend her without hesitation." A. R, London

"Karine is professional, experienced and caring. I found her dietary and lifestyle advice to be practical, tailored to me and easy to follow. I've seen improvement in various areas I wanted to work on pre-partum and Karine's kind, support really helped me in the next steps on my journey. Although focussed on nutrition, Karine's holistic approach is what makes her services unique. Highly recommend!" S. C, London

"I have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for 7 years now and I was desperate to find out if I could relieve my symptoms and reduce my medication. Karine has helped me do just that! Her expert knowledge tailored to my specific needs has made such a difference. She guided me through the autoimmune protocol and I have made huge changes to my diet but it has been worth it. My energy levels have improved, my pain levels have significantly reduced, I am off my most immune suppressing drug (great when there's a pandemic on!) and my blood tests show my inflammation markers are all down. Thank you Karine. Your patience, recipes, skills and understanding have been such a blessing. To anyone with an autoimmune condition, I recommend Happy Living Nutrition. You won't be sorry you met Karine!" H. C, London

"Happy Living Nutrition and Karine is someone whom I have and will happily recommend. Both her expertise and approach was tailored and handled sensitively to compliment and support the changes I was making to my overall health and well being. Working in both a proactive and support way, happily collaborating with my GP." L C, London

"Karine has been absolutely amazing helping me make meaningful changes to my diet after digestive pain. She combines genuine kindness with great expertise and she spotted things my GP had missed. Thanks to her, I am so much healthier. Both my wife and I have used her and really recommend her." G. C, London

"Karine has helped me to boldly turn to the next chapter of my life armed with the right tools. I’ve been experiencing perimenopausal symptoms and trying to figure out ways to live my best self for a while now and struggling to understand it all. Karine’s expert knowledge and training helped to dispel myths, offer accessible information, consolidate a few key points in terms of diet and nutrition tailored to me, and always with a holistic lens. Nothing works in isolation. It feels realistic as well as nurturing. Our consultations were invaluable." K. E, London

"I am so glad I have sought Karine’s help! As a nutritionist, Karine is very knowledgeable, approachable and extremely generous with her time. I have learnt a lot with her; Karine patiently shares her knowledge (and recipes!) and investigates further whenever is needed, she is great at motivating and empowering her clients in taking control of their health. I highly recommend her services!" M L, London

“Karine organised for me to have the Nutrigenomix genetic testing, which isn’t intimidating at all as it will only reveal genetic markers that are modifiable through diet, supplements and exercise. I took a cheek swab for saliva and posted it. The report that came back a couple of weeks later was very eye-opening, giving me concrete answers regarding some problems that I’ve been experiencing for a number of years – and with Karine’s additional support and interpretation of the report, I now know exactly what I have to work on. I have some concrete plans in place to improve my health, and having this knowledge will enable me to help other family members who might also have the same genetic markers and suffer similar symptoms. It has really opened my eyes to what’s going on underneath the surface.” A. R, London

“I highly recommend Karine’s nutritional therapy service. After a thorough consultation Karine provided a personalised health optimisation plan, meal ideas, supplement recommendations and suggested investigations to request via my GP. I made a couple of pretty significant changes to my diet on Karine’s advice and have felt the benefits very quickly. Karine has provided ongoing support and review which has really helped me along the way. I now feel I have more energy, have noticed a definite improvement in gastric symptoms and my sleep is much improved. I’ve learnt how to improve my food choices and also how to maximise the nutrients in meals and snacks. If you are looking to explore any health concerns and are interested in making positive changes to your lifestyle, then look no further than Happy Living Nutrition!” R. M, London

“I am so pleased I consulted Karine after receiving a diagnosis for osteoporosis. She is passionate about her work, highly professional in her approach and generous in the time she devotes to her patients. She pays rigorous attention to all details during each consultation in order to produce a comprehensive way forward which includes a personal supplement plan, recipes and advice on lifestyle. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.“ C. M, Kent

"Karine’s expert knowledge, and dedication to her clients, is top quality. I have received so much helpful advice and feel mentally and physically so much better now, than before I decided to sign up for a course. I would happily recommend Karine to anyone that wants to feel healthier, and understand better their body and its needs." G. D, London

“When I needed help to boost my energy levels and concentration, Karine was an absolute lifesaver. After my consultation she gave me lots of information on how to modify my diet and lifestyle. The difference in how I feel has been unbelievable. I would definitely recommend. As well as being extremely knowledgeable about what she does, she is also very passionate which goes a long way.” C. L, London

“I came to Karine with some specific complaints which were all solved by her knowledge and expertise around nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. Her service is an excellent compliment to the traditional GP services. The time that she took to work through my concerns produced great personalised guidelines, which have improved on my sleep, health and weight. Can’t recommend more highly.” A. B, London

“My daughter has suffered with severe constipation for several years, on and off. We tried all conventional remedies via the GP but the problem kept coming back, even when we made dietary changes ourselves. Karine has suggested some really comprehensive and interesting dietary suggestions that are easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle, and my daughter has enjoyed trying new foods. Just a couple of weeks into the nutritional programme and we have noticed radical changes to her digestive problems. Karine's approach is very thorough - she analyses all the data and results provided by the GP and provides a comprehensive and intelligent approach to making changes. She is warm and friendly and makes nutrition accessible and straightforward - we are very impressed and would absolutely recommend her to anyone concerned with their child's digestive health.” A. R, London

Karine is a great professional. She has a very personable approach during her session which allows her to guide through the process. I also had a lot of questions and she was keen to share her extensive knowledge. She is very supporting and approachable. In 3 months i picked up on much healthier habits and reflexes toward food. I would highly recommend her! M. T, London

Karine supported my husband and I as we prepared to start our baby on a plant based diet. Her knowledge and insight were invaluable and helped us feel confident and fully equipped to begin. Karine provided lots of great info. and resources to help us during the weaning stage and beyond. We would highly recommend Karine's services. U. K, London

“We contacted Karine to support our family to understand how we could introduce a healthy plant based diet. Her support and advice was accessible, knowledgeable and thought through. With plenty of recipes and tips and tricks specific to us and our needs. She has helped us to feel confident that we are all getting the right nutrients not just to survive but thrive. Thank you Karine.“ N. B, Epsom

"Being a vegan I naturally wanted my son to follow the same diet. I was starting the weaning process with him and wanted to ensure I included all the vitamins and supplements which he needed in his diet. Karine guided me through the requirements, and supplied me with supporting documents as reference. 6 months on I still refer to these notes to ensure I have everything covered. Karine is a fantastic nutritionist. She is thorough, efficient, knowledgeable and approachable. I would highly recommend her to anyone." A. W, Hertfordshire, UK

"I truly recommend Karine as a professional and considering nutritionist. She listened patiently to my concerns about diet and came up with a plan for the family that we are happily implementing in our everyday life. Karine reassured me in what I already knew, and gave me lots of inspiring tips of how to improve our eating habits in order to boost the immune system, flight the colds, and enjoy food together.” J. S, SE19, London

"Karine from Happy Living Nutrition for me encompasses all the qualities of a complete nutritionist. Karine offers a wealth of knowledge in an accessible and transferrable way. I am able to use her guidance into my own busy lifestyle for a balanced and sustainable approached to nutrition. I would highly recommend Karine for anyone wishing to establish balance nutrition for their own individual needs and wants.” S. Y, London

"Karine is a very thorough, knowledgeable, warm and approachable nutritionist. She makes a very thorough 360 analysis that leads to detailed but accessible plans with lots of tips and tricks. She is passionate about what she does and loves sharing new tips, cookbooks and recipes she is learning. We incorporated lots of positive changes in our family along the way and I can only say thank you for that!” M. P, SE19, London

“I found the talk so interesting and helpful! I liked the clear explanations of what happens in the body when we feel stressed, and the potential triggers for anxiety. I came away with lots of useful information and tips on how to manage stress and anxiety naturally with nutrition and lifestyle changes. I now feel very eager to put everything I learnt into practice! “ M. C, London (stress and anxiety talk)

“Thank you so much, it was a great talk and I hope to make positive changes. Last night, I sat with xx at the table, whilst helping xx eat. And he told me all his little worries, as you’d predicted. Many thanks!” Mum of 2, London

“Karine’s talk about nutrition and mental health in children was very interesting and revealing. She gave us useful recipe handouts and we got to make yummicious energy balls. Really recommend it!” Mum of 1, London

I found Karine’s workshop so informative and easy to follow, without being preachy. She gave advice and tips on preparing quick and simple recipes, which, as a time-poor parent, I found extremely useful”. Mum of 1, London

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